Crowd Funder Close to £4k!


Our FM campaign has received an amazing boost with less than one day remaining for the Colne Radio crowd funder. Cllr Mike Newton, the Deputy Mayor of Wivenhoe has personally pledged £500; Wivenhoe Regatta has made an incredibly generous donation of £455. Plus we are thankful to Wivenhoe Helping Hands who have backed our FM bid with a very welcome £200.

This now means that our two week campaign is coming close to reaching the £4,000 figure. Our initial target of £3,000 has been met. This allows the volunteer radio station to broadcast on FM in the NE Essex area. Any money raised above this will provide the new FM station with a secure financial future.

Cllr Newton made the pledge in return for being the first voice live on air when we launch on FM. This will hopefully coincide when Cllr Newton becomes the Mayor of Wivenhoe for the 2017 Civic year. We will be proud to offer the new Mayor of Wivenhoe an FM platform in which to give a unifying message.

Wivenhoe Regatta have been very supportive of our plans to become an FM station. We appreciate their wonderful support by pledging £455. The Wivenhoe Regatta has grown over the past few years. The volunteer Committee put in a tremendous amount of effort throughout the year to make Regatta day in Wivenhoe such an enjoyable occasion for the community. The Wivenhoe Regatta takes place this year on 9 July. We wish them every success.

Finally we would like to thank Wivenhoe Helping Hands for backing our FM community radio appeal with a pledge of £200. Wivenhoe Helping Hands is a group of volunteers that exists to support the occasional needs of the residents of Wivenhoe. They can help with emergency errands and difficult chores. We look forward to working and promoting the organisation when we become an FM station.

Thank you Cllr Newton, Wivenhoe Regatta and Wivenhoe Helping Hands.

Our crowd funder comes to a close at 10am on 4 July. You can still make a pledge over here.


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  1. Mike Newton

    I am proud to be able to help you, and believe that this is an amazing opportunity for Wivenhoe. I have been interested in Radio since my teens, and my first radio ‘appearance’ was on BFBS Cyprus in the late 60’s, in a programme aimed at the ‘Teen’ audience.
    Good luck.

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