Frequency Confirmed: 106.6!

Colne Radio is thrilled to announce that our FM frequency from 8th April will be 106.6. Ofcom has confirmed that this will be the new home of Colne Radio when we complete the move to FM radio.

This is a major achievement for the volunteers that have been building the station since it launched online in 2011. You will still be able to listen to Colne Radio via the internet after the FM switch.

Being able to broadcast on 106.6 will bring so many new possibilities for Colne Radio. We are regularly told by our listeners that they would like to listen to us on their car radios and home radios.

This will soon be possible. Please do think about setting 106.6 as a preset on all the radios around your home!

Plans are already underway for a major launch of the 106.6 station on 8th April. We will soon be able to share details about how supporters in our NE Essex community can become involved.

Plus there is a great conversation taking place on the Colne Radio Facebook page. We are keen to put together an FM playlist to celebrate our 106.6 frequency. Please do keep the comments coming!

But for now, remember our frequency:

Colne Radio: 106.6 – connecting communities in North East Essex.

That sounds crystal clear 🙂

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