Help Choose our First FM Song!

Colne Radio will broadcast on 106.6 FM from 2pm on 8 April – and we want YOU to become involved in our launch! We are asking listeners to nominate what song they would like to be the first to be played on our new 106.6 FM frequency.

Our volunteer team is working very hard behind the scenes ahead of the launch later next month. The most important feature is the first song that will be remembered as the one which was first played on FM.

It would be great to have some radio reference in the song. This isn’t essential though. Or maybe you can think of a song that has some connection to our North East Essex patch?

We are looking for something that ISN’T Simply the Best, etc. Colne Radio is a unique local broadcaster for North East Essex. We want a song that we can forever associate with our station.

It is easy for you to make a suggestion. You can either tweet your suggestions to @ColneRadio. Or leave a comment on the Facebook post that we have pinned to the top of our profile. Or leave a comment below.

We will be logging all suggestions. Later in the month we will publish a top 3 of suggestions, and put it to the public vote.

Disclaimer: vote rigging for the likes of the Birdie Song will not be tolerated 😉

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