Brian Ford

Folk and Roots, Thursday, 6pm - 7pm

Brian Ford presents the weekly folk and roots music show on. He has been involved with Colne Radio since 2012, took a long break in 2015 and is now back again, playing acoustic music in a range of styles – folk, roots, blues, traditional, contemporary.

He selects from all over the British Isles, the USA and other parts of the world, but also features local, talented folk artists and gives information about local acoustic music events.

He aims to present a wide range of stimulating, entertaining music, some of which is well known, much of which isn’t, and hopefully introducing listeners to artists that deserve to be better known and get more airplay.

He believes that community radio has a vital role in supporting local events and promoting local artists.
Brian has been a folk music enthusiast all his adult life and performs regularly at Wivenhoe Folk Club and other venues.