Loxley's Corner, Every other Monday, 6pm - 9pm

Loxley’s Corner is broadcast fortnightly on Monday evening, 6pm -9pm, dedicated to the musicians and new local artists.

A musician himself for many years, Loxley understands how important it is for artists to have airplay.
He plays songs from the local scene and all over East Anglia.

The playlist has grown significantly, with a constant stream of new artists sending in their material from all over the country. But the main focus is on local artists. Loxley’s Facebook page is always open during the shows for live chat.

The show features live acoustic slots, so if you have MP3s of your music then please send them to Loxley.  If you want to ‘listen again’ you will find him on  mixcloud.com/discover/loxleys-corner

Email: openmicers@gmail.com