Mike Freeman

Ears Wide Open, Every other Thursday, 9pm - 11pm

Mike’s first attempt at making a radio show came in the mid-80s. Armed with his sister’s stereo, a tape recorder, a microphone and crude recording of that week’s Radio 1 chart show, Mike would play the latest hits and read out funny stories from any newspapers he could find around the house.

When Mike is not shuffling files around in an insurance office in London or volunteering to work on local festivals, he likes nothing more than to listen to all kinds of music and investigate new and exciting sounds.

His show is basically Mike doing what he usually does in my spare time, the only difference is that his wife can ignore he’s inane banter when he’s on the radio.

Ears Wide Open started as a podcast in 2006 and Mike believes that it’s an honour to be able to share it with the Colne Radio audience.